About me

Grzesiek Bylica

February 2023


Code is created with the assumption that it is created quickly and will be refactored after the point of achieving functionality. With sufficient testing time, and time to improve the domain of action.

The code created in the small-software area is in different technologies and domains than the work on B2B.


It also deals with the design of programs that are Rich client programs containing elements that handle large amounts of data special components, for example, containing 100 thousand data elements each, work in a multi-threaded way and the same client works on the browser side as a PWA.


In the area of small software I use technology:

  • Webassembly PWA (Rust)
  • Axum, server, tokio, sqllite, postgresql
  • Azure
Within the small software, he plans to work in areas:
  • Measuring the programmer's work
  • IoT, Scada
  • Managing operating system configuration